Incosupport started with the realization that a shift was occurring. Many old economies are under pressure with tariff. The founder of incosupport, Willem van Esch was not interested to be trapped in the old economy.  As a result, he sold his logistics and global purchasing businesses from 2005 to 2007 in a saturated market where investors are still focused on the metrics of the old economy. This shift had a price and the crisis of 2008 and 2009 was the sign on the wall that many things had to change in the global economy. According to Willem, it is not just a shift in thinking up a new economy, but also in thinking up a approach to life as a whole. This will culminate in the next 15 years. New business constellations and products  that we haven´t even dreamed of a couple of years ago are now active and their volumes are in the billions of dollars in only a few years. Our choice is to co/create with the waves of the new economy or get stuck. The choice for Incosupport is to help business to make the shift. Incosupport is a business that realizes new niches and new ways, for you and with you.

Willem is international business- and personal mentor and trusted advisor.

He is a global citizen and has already completed a long term, worldwide business career. Earlier he already decided to fulfil his more recent mission in life. Professional growth for many people, being of service through his experience, specific training and education to help people and companies to realize their goals.

He lived in his native country Holland, Saudi Arabia,California, Texas, New York, London, France, Portugal and his favorite country Brazil.

Willem has a business degree from the London Institute for Shipping and Trading and a Masters in Psychology, Consciousness, Health and Healing at the University of Santa Monica.

10 years of experience as trusted advisor, and 35 years as entrepreneur and service experience in worldwide logistics, commerce, and supply chain management especially for oil & gas, maritime, and aviation industry, in which fields he is still active as trusted advisor.


Willem van Esch
Phone: +31 651488025
Skype: willem.van.esch


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KvK nummer (Netherlands Commercial Registration): 60715103