Going from the old economy to the new economy in international markets, trade,logistics and supply chains with Incosupport. Are you an old economy player who is aware of the shifts that are really knocking at your door, and want to create quantum leaps forward? Are you already a successful player in the new economy and are you looking for ways to accelerate your business even further? Then Incosupport is your partner to co/create this with your company.
In global trading, import export, and logistics services of 2 PL, 3 PL and 4 PL, the shift seems to be lagging. And this is superficial, because many contributors are in limbo. This is also true for supply chain management and international market shifts in general. This shift is happening faster now in the global economy than ever. Remember Kodak? Kodak was a 28 billion dollar company and went under in 2012 simply because Kodak didn’t see the shift with smart phones and digital  photography. Kodak was in denial about the shift. In trade, logistics and freight forwarding, denial means staying in the old economy. This denial is a big temptation because the supply chain of physical goods seems to have remained unaltered for decades. Here is where the trap lies, denial kicks in and a business could be in jeopardy overnight.

Incosupport goes beyond the surface with you to reveal where your hidden risks and quantum leap opportunities are. We co create new markets, both with very defined niches and geographical focus.
= It starts with real awareness about the shifts that are occurring globally and what it means for your business.
= After that, we hold the critical assumptions of your strategy in a different light.
= With our shared experience in the field of trade, logistics and supply chain management and new services, products, niches, and geographical markets, we create and implement a strategy with you to realize the quantum leap forward, and minimize any risk. This will help you to manage the shift from the old economy to the new economy and renew. 


Willem van Esch
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