Any business, and any executive that doesn´t accept the status quo and sees the gap between the old and new economy. They are aware that realistic quantum leaps are to be made now to revolutionize the markets, services and especially in the world of international supply chains, and logistics. Any business that has the guts to create a new service and business economy.  Having the guts to transform and enter into the process of transforming a business takes courage, patience and vigor.

“Transformation is  really exclusive in a world where information is only filling the head. Transformation, it is the most enchanting gem, the best gift, a beautiful experience , a spirited and enlightening encounter, and never just an event, because it is a brilliant process. With a lifetime guarantee” WvE

We are a boutique consultancy firm. References will be given upon request.

“Nobody needs a coach, therefore I call myself a facilitator to transformation, elevating it to an art. You do it all yourself” WvE

You are the first cause, and you are the first effect. You are the last cause and the last effect. So, inside of you is the only place that change can be made. You can indulge the illusion of changing things in the world, but unless you change them in yourself, no true change has taken place.

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